Holger Maass

As an digital artist, who sees his artistic field in the spaces between
advertising and commerce I usually get my creative input from important
products all around the world. Because of this and other reasons I realized
my latest digital composing called "Absolut Sweden", a imaginary advertising
shot with the famous product Absolut Vodka.

"Absolut Sweden" is like all other attached digital composings the result of
traditional studio based photography and extensive digital manipulations
done in my studio, located in Munich, Germany. For the photograph we got
help from stylist Nicole Dannecker and make-up artist Nicola Johnannsen.
While Nicole designed and manufactured the yellow-blue bikini, shaped in the
national flag of Sweden, Nicola was responsible for the water effects on the
models skin and overall makeup & hair. The burning bottle was made possible
by AWF, the special effects company, specialized in fire&ice-effects for the
movie industry. Eva R. from Harrys Modelmanagement was chosen for this
shooting because of the beautiful expressions she gave to the photograph.

At the moment my work is shown at "Specta Digital Arts Gallery", New York
and "Globe Gallery", London (London Photographic Awards, UK). Furthermore my
work was published in exhibitions at "Gallery Puskinskaja 10" (St.
Petersburg/ Russia) and this years international art fair "ART Frankfurt"
(Frankfurt, Germany). Last year, German based television production company
"Me, Myself & Eye" featured me and my work in a short reportage. Actually I
am working with "Edel Music and Entertainment GmbH" for a promotional
portrait of upcoming celebriety Gina. I am represented in NYC by Nonstock.

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