HANS DE ROOS - Short biography


Born in Bandung, Indonesia, as a son of Dutch parents. The family returned to Holland, as the upsurging nationalist movement threatened the existence of Dutch companies and citizens in Indonesia. 

Studied political and social sciences in Amsterdam and the Free University, Berlin. Besides these studies actively engaged in photography, sculpture, object art, performance.

Joined an experimental, international commune of artists in Amsterdam by the name of "Vol Sap" ("Full of Juice"). In this "utopian laboratory" about 60 young artists from all over Europe lived and worked together. The group would share the income of their members in order to finance common artistic and social projects, organize a weekly theatre performance evening, produce video films and publish a cultural newsletter. Moreover, the commune functioned as a self-organized art academy and would offer daily courses in nude drawing, painting, theatre, dance, literature and art history to its members, as well as regular courses for guests.

Since 1986: Lived in Munich and developed artistic themes and projects in a more individual way. Main projects since 1990:

ART HISTORY (since 1990): several photo series based on the projection of famous paintings on the body of the model. In these picture essays, well known art works by Dalí, Picasso, Warhol and others are ironically distorted and commented. Through the projection method, Art is literally “thrown back” on its primary subject: the body, as the original source of desire.

RODIN PHOTO PROJECT (since 1992): asks the question for "the original" in another way, by translating Rodin´s sculptures and drawings back into nude poses. The attempt leads to the conclusion that reconstructing Rodin´s creative method means to deal with the potential of the model directly, instead of mechanically copying Rodin´s work. 

WEBSITE PUBLISHING: Art-Forum.org, Rodin-Web.org, Rodin.info, IMoDoc.org.

DIGITAL SCULPTURE PROJECT (since 2001): Developing methods of 3D scanning of sculptures in Museum situations. Preparing a Museum of Digitised Sculpture. See www.imodoc.org and www.rodin.info as well as  http://www.ep.liu.se/ea/cis/2004/002/index.html.

Works have been online since 1994 (!) through a Web presentation developed by my American friends Richard Gardner and Cynthia Close. Since November 2000, this first Website has been followed up by the present Website ART-FORUM.org.

Works exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in Amsterdam, Munich, Leipzig, Bonn, Zürich, Madrid, Bangkok. Member in the Artist Association, IG Medien (now VER.DI).

Work in private and Museum collections, including:
LMU-Universität München, Neue Pinakothek München, Völkerkundemuseum München, Artothek Nürnberg, Skulpturenmuseum Heilbronn, Wilhelm-Lehmbruck-Museum Duisberg, Staatliche Galerie Moritzburg Halle, Stadtmuseum Jena, Musée d'Art Contemporain & Modern Strasbourg, Musée Dr. Faure Aix-les-bains, Musée des Beaux-Arts Nice, Musée Felix Ziem, Martigues, Société des Beaux-Arts, Béziers, Ca' Pesaro Int. Museum, Venedig, Kunstmuseum Basel, Nationalmuseum Poznan, Nationalgalerie Prag, Ny Carlsberg Glyptothek Kopenhagen, Musée Rodin Paris, etc.

For more details on artistic development, single projects, exhibitions: see link buttons below.

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