HANS DE ROOS - exhibitons (selection)


1 Oct 92 - Dec 93

Galerie Africaine, Munich: Solo Exhibition „Portraits Africains"

3 Nov 92 - Jan 94

Spanish Cultural Institut, Munich: „Perceptions of Spain" (together with Jürgen Richter)

19 Apr 93 - 31 May 93

State Museum for Ethnology, Munich: „Indian Delegation in Munich"

7 Oct 93 - Jan 95

University of Amsterdam: „Art History" (public installation of 8 cibachromes)

25 Nov 93 - June 94

Programma Italia Collection, Munich:  „American Classics"

30 Aug 94 - 24 Sep 94

Art Pavillion at the former Botanic Garden/Artist Association Munich: Solo exhibition and installation „A.M.D.G."

June 95

Madrid: cultural festival „Ruta de Babel" (colorprints, slide shows, TV feature)

8 Nov 96 - 7 Dec 96

Fiedler Gallery, Leipzig: Solo exhibition „Die Kunstgeschichte"

21 Feb 97 - 2 Mar 97

Art Circle Karlsfeld: with the group 'De Roos, Moritz, Niepmann, Stiefel, Tremsal' (selection from „American Classics")

11 Apr 97 - 26 Apr 97

Author´s Gallery 1, Munich: „Bilder, Briefe, Noten XXXV" (Group exhibition)

5 Dec 97 - 21 Dec 97

Haus 10, Fürstenfeldbruck: „Qreuz + Kwer":  with the group ' De Roos, Moritz, Niepmann, Stiefel, Tremsal' (selection from „A.M.D.G.")

6 Dec 97 - 22 Feb 97

Wilhelm-Lehmbruckmuseum, Duisburg: „Sculpture in the Light of Photography" (Selection from Rodin Photo Project)

26 Mar 98 - 1 June 98

Musée d´Art et d´Histoire, Fribourg, Switzerland: „Sculpture in the Light of Photography" (Selection from Rodin Photo Project)

April 1998

Institut for Art History, University of Bonn. Solo exhibition "Rodin Photo Project"

26 June 98 - 20 Sep 98

Museum Moderner Kunst Sammlung Ludwig, Wien: „Sculpture in the Light of Photography" (Selection from Rodin Photo Project)

Summer 1998

Fa. Admiral System Consulting GmbH, Munich: Solo exhibition „Die Kunstgeschichte"

Autumn 1998

Art Association Zürich-Wallisellen: „Schöne Zeiten": with the group ' De Roos, Moritz, Niepmann, Stiefel, Tremsal' (selection from „A.M.D.G.")

April 1999

Cinerama Movie Theatre, Kunstpark Ost, Munich: Solo slide and music presentation showing various work groups , as part of the series 'Munich Photographers"

August 1999

Atelier del Sur, San Sebastian de la Gomera: work show of gum bichromate prints produced on this location. 

October 2000

Consens GmbH, Munich: Workshow „Veela dancing"  

Since November 2000

Building www.ART-FORUM.org as a Forum for Art, Photography and the Nude

February 2001

Main actor in "Standing Ovation" - interactive video installation produced by Jakub Moravek.

Since February 2001

Building www.RODIN-WEB.org as an information Platform on Auguste Rodin.

Since then ca. 20 trips to museums in Germany, Holland, France, Italy, Poland, Hungary, Denmark, Switzerland and Czech Republic, to make photos and 3D measurements of Rodin sculptures on location. See www.imodoc.org and www.rodin.info as well as  http://www.ep.liu.se/ea/cis/2004/002/index.html


Retrospective exhibition with a selection from all projects in my own "Kreativstudio", Munich.


Exhibition "Dimensions of Passion" in Gallery Tirreno, Munich.


Exhibition photo series "Alice in Wonderland" in Gallery Tirreno, Munich.


Exhibition with a new portrait photography in my own "Kreativstudio", Munich.

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